lunedì 25 gennaio 2010

Si, lo so...

...avrei dovuto caricare la seconda e terza e quarta e quinta parte dei video.
Touché. Lo farò, prommesso.
Ho talmente tante cose da fare da non riuscire neppure più a tenerne il conto.
In questo momento sono in una biblioteca universitaria, dovrei preparare un esame (decisamente prossimo!) per poter finalmente prendere questa benedetta (?) laurea...ed invece...ho scritto una sceneggiatura. Un'altra.
Ok,ok...pregate per me, ne ho bisogno.

Metterò la testa a posto, prima o poi?

domenica 10 gennaio 2010


This will be an international post, so try to forgive my english...maybe it will not be the best you've ever read, but I wanna be sure to reach everyone.

On the 2nd of January till the 6th, in Madrid there was an amazing conference called AWAKEN.

What is that about? Life in the Kingdom 24/7.
What Kingdom?The Kingdom of God, obviously.
Living in it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Honestly, if someone would have told me this about my life a couple of years ago...I would have probably start to laugh in his face.
Right now?My life belong to Jesus.
What does that mean?that what I think is no longer important, no more time to be selfish...I just want to be a servant for His Kingdom...I cannot find any greater joy, I don't think could exist something greater than love Him more than anyhing else and being used as an istrument.
You know, God doesn't need me to fullfill his plan, He can do by Himself...but He's so full of love that He let me have a role in His amazing plan.
Just ask to Jesus to reveal Himself to you and enter in your heart, ask Him to show the way He wan you to will be surprised by the answer.

I love you all in Jesus, Brothers and Sisters.


You will find here the first part of a storyline that we create to show the core concepts of the conference